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Ancient Engineering in the field of Process Control are capable designing different control system to customize for your industrial application for example:

-Temperature control e.g. furnaces and boilers
– Pressure control system e.g. for boilers and furnaces
– Humidity and moisture control system e.g. maize mill plant
Some of our services include the following:
– PLC programming and servicing
– Drive installation, programming, repairs and servicing
– System Integration
– Service contracts
– SCADA software
– Instrument Calibration and servicing
– Thermography
– Panel boards

Ancient engineering solutions are suitable for a wide array of basic and complex applications;
our custom engineered solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability, and ruggedness. We
offer domain knowledge and technology resources, along with a close working relationship, to
develop and deliver cost-effective, individually tailored solutions. Whether clean slate
development or simple modifications to an existing design are needed, our expertly engineered
solutions help to meet the most stringent requirements with world class product designs,
technology integration, and customer-specific manufacturing
We have a well-qualified Engineers and Technician who specializes in repairs of the
– Calibration
– control cards
– power supply units
– Variable Speed Drives of any model
– electronic cards
– electrical machines
– Industrial troubleshooting including Root-Cause-Analysis.
– We also focus on designing electronic circuits to suit your             application

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